1. To promote and hold unto an all inclusive Government by considering every reasonable opinion from all persons or bodies\Organisations irrespective of the ethnic, religious, age, colour or political difference.
  2. To disregard and eradicate the Governance of impunity and nepotism.
  3. To secure the natural resource of Ghana and ensure that the citizens become the optimum beneficiaries of the natural resource’s proceeds but not individuals or few persons.
  4. To strictly adhere to rule of law and treat all persons equal before the laws of Ghana.
  5. To provide quality and productive education system in Ghana, modernize technical education and make tertiary education progressively free.
  6. To protect and promote the local industries and enterprises in Ghana and offer them the requisite and reasonable assistance.
  7. To revive patriotism and inculcate “Ghana First Attitude” into the citizenry
  8. To increase the inclusion of the youth in all governance processes.
  9. To strengthen the decentralization system and take governance to the door step of the citizens and minimize bureaucracy.
  10. To create employment for the citizens and a safe business enabling environment for successful business operations to both the citizens and foreigners in investment.
  11. To aim at Transforming Ghana’s raw materials into secondary products through industrialization and to safeguard the tertiary sector.
  12. To create a dependable socioeconomic atmosphere to the citizenry for development.
  13. To value and ensure the fundamental human rights of every person or body in Ghana as in chapter 5 of the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana.
  14. To strengthen ties with other countries who may share similar developmental visions and also have a worldwide peaceful co-existence.