The Founder and Leader of Life Assembly Worship Centre, Rev. Christian Kwabena Adrews says a divine revelation he had a fortnight ago proves that the deadly corona virus is an invented disease targeting to bring down Chinese growing economy.

He said leaders of a powerful country in Europe and other one outside Europe are behind the spreading of this life threatening virus which so far has killed thousands of people around the globe.
The World Health Organization has declared the worldwide outbreak of the new coronavirus a pandemic, with more than 118,000 cases in 114 countries and 4,291 deaths.

And in Ghana, travel restrictions have been initiated by the central government after it recorded 4 more confirmed cases of the virus meaning travellers arriving in the country from a country where over 200 cases have been recorded would be quarantined or self-isolation for 14 days.

However, speaking on Fire TV, Mr. Christian Kwabena Andrews who is seeking to contest in the upcoming December general polls on the ticket of Ghana Union Movement said, the angels of God have revealed to him that there was a coordinated agenda by the United States of America and the United Kingdom to retard the growing economy of the republic of China and others.

He said, the angels told him that after the said two powerful countries had intentionally invented the new corona virus they sent it to Wuhan in China, the epicenter of the virus where it has recorded the highest number of cases and deaths through air like spraying of chemical weapon or sarin gas and the effect are what we are experiencing globally.

According to the man of God, a key preventive measure that has been adopted by World Health Organisation which prohibits shaking of hands should not be observed because the virus could only be spread through air breathing not body contact, saying it’s a diversionary tactics by US and UK since they never thought the virus will hit their country.

Mr Andrew, later accused UK and US after realizing the outcome of their deadly agenda they are working very hard to develop a vaccine to combat this World pandemic.
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