Good morning beloved country men and women, I bring you warm greetings from the family of Ghana Union Movement (G.U.M)
I will like to state a few things that Ghanaians need to know and understand with regards to the ongoing disturbing health situation in the country, since the outbreak of the Corona Virus (covid -19) in china a few weeks ago. Also in reaction to the Executive directive issued by the President two days ago and the safety precaution guides to the public from the Health Ministry. Fellow Ghanaians, I may not be a medical practitioner or scientist by profession, but as an informed and well – meaning Ghanaian and also a Man of God, I owe my people a selfless duty of letting them know their position and how to condition their minds in reaction to the current health issue.

First of all, we all should know by now; that the outbreak of the Convid-19 Corona virus did not originate in Ghana nor any part of Africa. Therefore, to calm and settle our confused minds and nerves by reason of the anxiety our leaders are putting the ignorant and innocent majority through in the name of the outbreak is very important. Unless there is something they are keeping from us.

Secondly; china in Asia which is the place of origin, with its European and American allies has almost the same weather patterns and climate changes with extremely cold or winter periods, which most countries within these continents are currently experiencing including China. And this is where the experts say the virus is heavily concentrated and can survive for a longer period.

Unlike tropical Africa, especially Ghana, having a warm weather with often hot seasons, where the Corona virus cannot withstand. Moreover, the virus is said to be in the air, circulating within the atmosphere, which everyone is exposed to. How then can one pass it on to another just through handshakes? How can the use of sanitizers or ordinary washing of hands with soap and other antiseptics, the wearing of mouth and nose guards alongside hand gloves prevent the Contracting of the virus? Our leaders, especially the Health Ministry must come clear.

Again the confirmed cases of person found with the Corona virus (Convid-19) which is now said to be Seven(7) an addition of five(5) to the first two (2) earlier announced by the Health Ministry to the general public, none of them was found to be a Ghanaian. Since they are all foreign nationals, unless there is something they are keeping away from us.
Now to the President Executive directive to have all schools closed, no religious gathering for worship till only God knows when? To the limited number of persons gathering for other public or social activities, I have a few thoughts for the President to clarify, for the ordinary Ghanaian citizen or resident to understand. Since by his constitutional mandate, he has become our steward and caretaker. Therefore, our well-being and safety is part of his overall responsibilities, that’s clearly understood.
But in this particular instance Mr. President please come again. What is the guarantee that the closure of schools and religious gatherings in particular will be the safest way of preventing the ignorant majority from contracting the deadly Corona Virus which circulates with the air in the atmosphere? If indeed it’s already circulating in the Ghanaian atmosphere.
What are the fate of the SHS final year students as well as that of their JHS and seniors at the Tertiary levels who are due to write their final exams early this year? Are they remaining in school till the time of writing their exams or will be joining their colleagues at home? If they are to remain, what is the guarantee of their safety from the virus infection? Please what informed the President that the highly possible infected prone areas are the schools, the mosques and the churches? What about the daily densely populated market centers, the pubs and night clubs, what of the Parliament house? is he closing them as well? Who were the medical and scientific experts that gave him the advice?

From every indication no Ghanaian has yet been confirmed amongst the seven tested positive of the virus, so why this harsh directive? Or are there any we don’t know of? Is the President not aware that the virus is contagious by air in the atmosphere? And just not directly from one person to the other?

In any case if there is in place the technology for detecting the existence of the virus in persons and places of habitation, why not direct the Health Ministry to do a thorough cross country survey, so we will know the exact state of the virus in Ghana and the danger it poses as they want us to believe? The Government should rather ban the importation of foreign products especially consumables, including food into the country from the highly affected countries across the world. We should strengthen our Agriculture Sectors and patronize our locally produced items especially food and stop dwelling on these often contaminated foreign products, which is killing us but not the closure of schools and banning of religious activities. As this will surely have a devastating effect on our economy.
Last but not the least, the element of minamin in our metabolism as blacks has proven to be very resisting to the effect of the Corona Virus and others. In as much as we appreciate the effort of our President to safe guard our wellbeing, his approach and direction needs to be given a second thought. Peace and May God bless our homeland Ghana and all of us.

Rev. Dr. Christian Kwabena Andrews
Founder and Flagbearer
0207772525 / 0242136446