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                              DO WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW?

A question is always asked with the intent of knowing or be given an answer to or about something therefore Ghana Union Movement (G.U.M) as a political stakeholder as well as a family of Ghanaian citizens, who also double as the electorate is solemnly asking DO WE AS GHANAIANS, HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW? To this, a rightfully placed interrogative or counter question to us will be, THE RIGHT TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT?

Our question? Is in the wake of the Executive directive issued by H.E the President of the Republic of Ghana , Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, indefinitely barring most public and institutional gatherings as a result of the presence of the lethal life threatening and consuming convid -19 or the Corona Virus here in Ghana.

The rationale behind our question of knowing the realities on the ground with regards to the issuance of the Presidential directive, which is a Constitutional mandate is because, from all indications the authorities in charge of Health has made it clear that Convid – 19 is in town .When this was made public during a press briefing to effect the announcement chaired by the Health Minister. Hon – Kwame Agyeman Manu.

In that briefing, Ghanaians in general were made to be aware and believe that, the Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research who had carried out the test on some 57 cases reported, found two (2) to be a Turkish and a Norwegian.

We are being told it’s now five (5) confirmed, including the first two, and again there were all foreign Nationals. An American, a British, a Swiss and of course the Norwegian and Turkish. From hindsight it means no Ghanaian has yet been

Confirmed positive after being tested of the virus. Probably not known to the public.

So a few of the rolling number of questions now running through our minds are; which of the measures implace out there, should be prioritized? 

  • Especially the Executive directive which will be unlawful for any resident in Ghana not to comply with irrespective of clan, creed or citizenry status.
  • The safety precautions given by the Health Ministry?
  • The updated medical or advance scientific technological detecting devices firmly placed at our major entry points being the Airports and Habours or last but not the least
  • The strategic preventive project to be operationally deployed by a joint military and immigration special task force to guard our National borders to ensure that those entering into the country especially as well as those leaving to other neighboring countries are cleared of the virus

In detail we ask, first with the Executive directive. How assuring is this compliance order going to ensure our safety from contracting the diseases. Prevention is better than cure is the esteemed perception. However how should this be done? With schools closed, religious institutions barred from their normal meetings, social gatherings, such as funerals, weddings and other relating activities limited to not more than 25 persons.

 How about the market places? The Airports and the Harbours’ earlier mentioned? Amongst others least mentioned thinking aloud, will the house of Parliament be shut or forced to go on recess? Because aside the 275 Hon. Members of Parliaments, the Parliamentary staff including the speaker, clerks of parliament are the press core, security, PA’s “ Personal Assistants” kitchen staff and drivers etc.

What of the economic effect of this action, as it’s clearly affects productivity? With the intention of the electoral Commission to begin the new Voters registration exercise in April next month how would Ghanaians turn out to go and queue in limited numbers to be registered and at the same time meet the scheduled time frame set by the Electoral Commission so that the other political stakeholders can verify to be satisfied with the outcome of the exercise for their perusals, though not as  uncaring  to the plight of the majority of Ghanaians with regards to the current disturbing health issue at stake.

To the Ministry of Health we humbly ask to know. To what extent will the safety precaution education being given out there ensure real prevention by just restraining from handshakes, the usage of mouth and nose guards, hand gloves, washing of hands and constant use of sanitizers? Because from what we have gathered so far, the Covid -19 is an interminable, uncontrollable wrongfully released deadly chemical Agent into the atmosphere, which is odourless and unseen.

So how can anyone who breaths in air, be made to believe that a mouth or nose guard can safely sieve the chemically polluted air with the virus in the atmosphere? Will people now eat, bath, work and sleep with their hand gloves on? How preventive are these preventive precautions? They should come clear to tell us the truth we need to know. Because though truth may be painful to be told. To be kept in a state of anxiety is deadly panicking with a devastating health implications which they as an authority is expertly aware.

Since there has been no ban on international travelling by Air, there’s no guarantee people will not be coming into our country from across the world, unless specifically directed in the wake of the epidemic from the place of origin. Our question is do we have the technology to be able to credibly detect to determine who or not has the virus at the time of arrival or entry into Ghana? Again whether we have the adequate facility or facilities for safe

Keeping and quarantine those who has or might’ve been found to have the virus. It is curable? Do we have the requisite medication to that effect? Or asking politely is the 100 million US dollars taking care of all these?

To end for now, how are our borders being manned to prevent those infected by the virus in other parts of the world from illegally entering into the country through our border sharing neighbor’s like Togo, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso? The special preventive project by a joint task force of the Military and Immigration, to be operationally deployed to all vintage points and hot spots across our border lines is a must.

Ghana has lived, Ghana is living and Ghana will surely live. God bless us all Peace.

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